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Q. What Is a Backlink?

Web marketers often come across the term backlink, but they tend to have no or little information regarding it. Well, here is plenty of useful information for everybody who is wondering about what is a backlink. Backlink is any link which is received by a website, page, blog, or any top level domain from any other website, page, or other domains.
Backlinks tend to indicate the popularity of a web page. The higher the number of incoming links from other web pages, the higher is its popularity and chances of getting indexed by major search engines. In this way, websites and individual web pages having more backlinks in comparison to others will receive more traffic, driving up the sales and profit figures.

Backlinks for Search Engine Optimization
Backlinks became popular during early days of the internet as tools for efficient web navigation. Over due course of time, they became important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Every link from one page to another can be considered as a vote. For instance, say Page A is bearing a backlink to Page B. The backlink will serve as a vote for Page B and boost its ranking with major search engines.

Backlinks on relevant sites are considered optimum for SEO purposes, while those present on irrelevant ones are worthless. This is mainly because of such algorithms employed by search engines that do not index backlinks on sites, which are not related with content of the host site in any way. They have turned up pretty smart and efforts to con them into indexing a particular web page tend to fall flat.

There are certain common habits among internet marketers to try fooling search engines by inappropriate methods like link farming and Google bombing. Though such techniques worked to an extent few years back, this is not the case anymore. Most search engines have grown smart enough to identify and tick-off probable scammers. Websites trying to follow such practices are penalized and removed from search engine results altogether.
There are few proven ways to create high quality backlinks to drive web traffic to your website, here are some of them:

Join Related Forums
Most forums would have members having certain common interests. Such forums are used by members to share views, tips, current news, ask questions, and answer those posted by others. Here, you can pitch in with your take on the current topics. Make it a point to include a link to your website every single time you post a message on any such site.
In this way, you will be able to generate pretty good number of highly valued backlinks for your web page. Whatever you do, avoid spamming mail boxes of others or you may end up with a suspended account. Adhere to forum guidelines while posting your messages and there is not going to be a major issue.

Write Articles and Submit to Article Directories
Search engines love article directories. But article directories love good quality content. In this way, writing good quality articles and submitting them to plenty of article directories is a sure-shot way to drive traffic to your site or blog. The content that you submit to such directories ought to be original and free from grammatical howlers. It is a good idea to stick to your niche and write about what you are good at. If you need to, brush up your writing skills alongside promoting your product or service.

Link your profile with your website and even better – with your Google Plus profile. Find a couple of article directories and submit unique versions of your articles to each one of them. The process is going to take some time and money, but worth the effort and time that you spend on it. You will be able to create quite a lot of great quality traffic in this way and sell your product or services to even more customers than earlier.

Press Releases
Press releases too are found to be pretty effective in this regard. Well drafted press releases can build your reputation on internet and bring great deal of organic traffic to your site. However, you need to choose keywords well in order to make the releases work for you. It will require a bit of research on your part to understand the ins and outs of the trade.

Above mentioned methods can prove to be too much for you as you might be occupied with other crunch issues. You need to promote their product or service, analyze their traffic, and take care of your customers. Building backlinks is important, but leaving other important tasks for it is not a good idea at all. It would be great if you leave this task to an expert and let him or her deal with trivial issues.

The expert would create plenty of backlinks for you by performing each one of the above mentioned tasks with perfection – write articles, submit them to directories, create your profile wherever needed, and write and submit press releases. In this way, you will be left with plenty of spare time for your business and your clients.

Q. What is SEO?

Cut throat competition is prevalent these days. If you have something to sell, whether a product or service, you need to steer yourself clear of your competitors. Websites of hundreds and thousands of your competitors are out there on the internet; almost yelling at your customers for a second of their attention! Search Engine Optimization or SEO, can help you to do that. But what is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO
Search Engine Optimization or SEO refers to the improvement in visibility of a web page in the search results of a search engine by employing few techniques. It must be noted that traffic to a web page increases with its rank in the search engine results. It has become an important tool in the hands of website promoters to reach out to the global as well as local audience.

In the past, search engines would rely on keyword density in a web page and other criteria to display it on their search results. Such criteria were easy to manipulate and were abused by unscrupulous marketers to take undue advantage of the same. They would stuff their web pages with keywords and Meta tags and indulge in all sorts of shoddy acts to seek attention of search engines and subsequently appear on the top of their search results.

Gone are those days when such gimmicks used to work to make web pages appear on top of search engine results. Such techniques can lead to penalty and complete removal from results. Thereby resulting in tremendous loss. These days, one has to make use of several legal techniques to achieve this purpose, or even come close to it. Here are some of the legal ways by which SEO is achieved: Optimization of Web Page Content, Improvement in Prominence of a Web Page, Prevention of Crawling, and creation of backlinks

Optimization of Web Page Content
Web page content can be optimized in a zillion ways. There are certain guidelines which web developers and content writers ought to follow; certain acts that they need to perform and some which they should not. For instance, the keyword density should be around five percent of the total content and these should not be hidden in the content (Yes, the search engines come to know about that as well).

Keywords need to be present in title tag; URL, Meta tags, and one can use synonyms and keyword phrases. Inbound links are good, but link farming is discouraged and the links from directories and forums are loved by search engines. Too many outbound links are a strict no-no and should be avoided. Flash based content is suicidal with regards to search engine optimization. Its negative impact can be lessened by coupling it with an HTML version of the site, but not eliminated. Try to avoid using flash altogether and use other ways of creating sites and animations.

Improvement in Prominence of a Web Page
There are a number of ways in which prominence of a web page can be enhanced. Its content should create an optimum density of frequently used keywords. Certain free as well as paid utilities available on the internet can help you to know about such keywords. Consider updating site content on regular intervals it will make it more attractive for frequent search engine crawlers.

Prevention of Crawling
It is a good idea to exclude pages like internal search results for the fact that these are considered as spam. In addition, you may not want to display your shopping cart login page from your visitors. This purpose can be achieved by creating and maintaining a text file named robots and in it, you need to specify such pages that you want to exclude from search results.

Backlink Building
Building backlinks, a lot of them, is essential for making your website darling to search engines. This can be done in a number of ways – post in relevant forums, write good quality articles, submit them to article directories, and share links with like minded website owners.

Whenever you are submitting an article, link it with your Google Plus profile (create it if you do not have one). Doing this will give your site definite advantage over your competitors who have not done that.

Writing press releases and submitting them in appropriate websites is another easy way to create good quality backlinks. This option must be explored in detail and if required, consider availing services of a professional PR agency. You may not mind spending a few bucks for driving lots of traffic to your site.

Search engine optimization is not a one-time activity. It is a long term one instead. If you are a website owner, you cannot say that you have optimized your site for search engines and rest assured. Continuous efforts need to be made to ensure that and stay clear of their competitors.

If the above mentioned tasks seem to be too much for you, consider availing services of an SEO company. Since your partnership with such an agency will be for long term, spend some time in searching one and seek help from friends, if required.

Q. What are DO-FOLLOW backlinks?

Linking can be a complicated thing to explain but in essence it all has to do with coding and getting better search engine rankings on some of the world’s top search engines. So, these websites will show up in higher linkings so that people will visit their sites more. In the world of search engine optimization online, do-follow and no-follow backlinks are the common terms that are used by many bloggers, webmasters, and copywriters.

What seems to be the major difference is how valuable the backlink is. A lot of the research has stemmed from major search engine moguls like Google that their webmaster tools and analysis help to define the difference between the two link building strategies.

The term “do follow” is the attribute of focus and first off, it is a basic Internet slang term that is given to web pages or sites that do not use the no follow technique. A no follow backlink is a term that is given to a hyperlink that relays information to search engines not to pass on the credibility or influence to an outbound link.

This term was coined within the blogging sector of the Internet so that the number of links entered into a comment area would be reduced. It prevents spammers from being able to insert any of their information into a blog or comment area so that people can also visit that website.

In essence, the hosting website is the one doing all of the major work and for an anonymous person to plug in another hyperlink to be shown on the blog site, then they are using the website for their own promotion. This way there would be no advantage for a spammer to paste an unwanted hyperlink into the comment box. These two terms, do follow and no follow, have greatly impacted link building.

While some websites like social bookmarking sites, blog sites, and other websites began using no follow backlink methods, it also made it hard not only for spammers to include their hyperlinks but also for honest people. However, this made do follow backlinking much more popular for search engine optimization.

No follow is not necessarily a bad thing as they can be useful too. However, to increase overall exposure of one’s website, the do follow links bring more mentions of a website and can increase traffic to a webpage. However, there are not that many websites that have areas on their page for any do follow hyperlinks to be entered. Different search engines even use no follow and do follow links in different ways.

Google search engine does follow the no follow links but they do not recognize the outbound link to add value to a search. Yahoo also follows no follow links but also excludes the link from any calculations of ranking a website. Bing sometimes sometimes follows no follow links but also removes it from any calculations for ranking. This means that spamming a link on some other webpage will not allow for the website to gain popularity and increase in search engine rankings just by being posted on a bunch of other sites.

Do follow backlinks do get a bad rap because of spammers. For people who use them properly, they are effortless methods of increasing rankings and it is very helpful to businesses that are working within a certain niche. Some spammers think that providing backlinks will help spread the word about their site when they add it in a comment or some other place on a website. It does not necessarily help it at all.

Providing do follow links that are just spam does not provide any search engine results but instead hurts the site that a person posted the spam on and it encourages any website that offers do follow backlinking to completely convert their website to only allowing no follow backlinks. For anyone that does post anything with do follow resources on a do follow providing website, it is appropriate for the whole blogging and web community to be honest and be tasteful. The links should provide valuable content that is not pumped full of keywords. Instead, if someone who includes do follow links discuss the actual website. If done tastefully, the do follow backlink can help.

There are some ways that there can be several different do follow backlinks from one source. Posting multiple hyperlinks on the same page to the same source will not be helpful at all. If a source such as the major search engines like Google starts to notice that there are multiple links pointing users to a page from one do follow link, or that it is linking to other areas on the web such as Blogspot or WordPress that provides backlinks, it will not go unnoticed.

If webmasters realize that this is happening, they will start to devalue the backlinks. It gets to where it will be a waste of someone’s time to even hop online to post them because they will do no good and will be deemed worthless, not helping at all to build search engine optimization. This will then hurt a website’s future link building in the purpose. More than likely, when backlinks are built over time, they are built with better quality and have value.

Q. What Are No-Follow Backlinks

There has been many discussions about no-follow backlinks and there has been a lot of confusion about its value in search engine optimization (SEO). The greatest question is about its effect in search engines and what are the things that people miss to take advantage of.

What Is The Purpose Of No-Follow Backlinks?
There are two types of backlinks. The no-follow backlinks and the do-follow backlinks. No-follow is an HTML rel attribute that was introduced in the year 2005 to decrease spam comments and spam post in the forums. No-follow backlinks tells the search engine that any given hyperlink with this HTML rel attribute should not affect the ranking of the target of the hyperlink. Its main purpose is to reduce the value of such links in search engine optimization. With this in mind, people are confused whether to still use links with no-follow attribute or not.

How Search Engines Treat No-Follow Backlinks
For Yahoo search engine, they do follow no-follow backlinks but they do not use it for calculating page ranks. As for Bing search engine, there is no evidence that tells whether they follow it or not. They do claim however that they do not use it to calculate the rankings, which is same as Yahoo. For Google, they treat no-follow backlinks as what its name suggest, they do not follow it. An SEO case study says however that Google still follows this link but it doesn’t index it. For Ask.com, they do not follow link and they also do not index the linked pages.

The Uses of No-Follow Backlinks
Although no-follow links has lost its weight in search engine optimization, it is found to be useful for website owners. Since no-follow links reduces the weight of any given link, no-follow links are excellent in protecting a website from unwanted comments or unwanted posts in a forum. Unwanted comments and post decreases the quality of a website in the eyes of search engines. One can also use the no-follow attribute for affiliate links. Affiliate links decreases the quality of a page but when used properly with no-follow attribute, it will not have any effect on the website’s quality.

The Best Way To Get Backlinks
Since no-follow backlinks is not as effective as before in increasing search engine ranking, website owners must find their own way to generate backlinks. Creating backlinks is not as easy as before. This is very advantageous for users because an SEO specialist cannot abuse the power of blog commenting and forum posting, which gives too much weight on links created when no-follow attribute does not yet exist.

With the existence of no-follow attribute, what’s the best way to get backlinks? The rules remain the same. Creating good content and useful web pages is still the king of key in terms of getting backlinks. People will link to a website especially if it is useful. Website owners must create content for the users and not for the search engines.

How to Find Blogs That Do Not Use No-Follow
Not all blog owners care about SEO. In fact there are some who doesn’t know anything about it. Often, these are the people who create a personal blog and not a blog for monetizing. This is why they just don’t care about SEO and some of them does not know anything about it. This also mean that most likely, they are not using the no-follow attribute in blog comments.

These blogs can can be easily found in Blogger, WordPress, or even in search engines. The best way to do this is to find a blog that is related to the topic so that you can avoid posting spam comments. If one wishes to find out if a blog uses no-follow attribute or not, one way to do it is try to post a comment and then check if it was approved. After it was approved (or if there were previously approved comments), just right click on the page then search for the word “no-follow”. If it does not exist, it means that it does not use the no-follow attribute. Another way to do this is to install a web browser toolbar that automatically checks it.

The Truth Behind No-Follow Links: Does it Affect SEO
If the website is being optimized for search engines like Google, no-follow backlinks has little to no effect at all. This is because Google does not use links with a no-follow attribute to affect the page ranking. However, one must always keep in mind that forum postings and blog commenting are not intended for search engines and backlinking. It is intended for users.

Although there are blogs and forums, which uses the no-follow backlinks, one must never forget that any type of backlinks where no-follow or do-follow can always serve as a door to your website. This means that even if it does not affect search results in search engines, this can still drive visitors to a website especially if it is really relevant to the topic. It gives the website an authority on its niche. This is what most people forget to take advantage of.

Using no-follow backlinks is still useful after all.

Q. Are these links of REAL quality?

Yes, absolutely. These profile backlinks are placed inside HIGH PR AUTHORITY sites and are permanent do-follow backlinks, and not in any way spam. Google gives the Authority sites a value, and with these one way backlinks, your site will directly get an editorial vote of the same value from these Authority sites. These high quality profile backlinks are the best way to climb the search engine results pages.

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