How to Rank First Page- The Dos and Don’ts

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9 July 2013
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Obtaining a first page ranking on popular search engines is never easy. The fact that there are numerous companies online which offer similar products and services makes the competition for a top ranking insane. However, it is something that SEO Rank Guarantee can help you achieve. We offer SEO services, link building, web design and other services to keep your website fully functional and properly visible online.

Why is there a craze to reach that top ranking on Google? We all understand how your website ranking determines the number of visitors you attract on a daily basis. If you have a first page ranking, you will attract more visitors on a daily basis. SEO Rank Guarantee can help you to rank first page if you invest in our quality search engine optimization services. We utilize different techniques to influence the search engine to favor your web page and give it a top placement on result pages whenever a web visitor types in specific keywords into the query box.

What we do to help your site rank first page

Keyword research

The first step to ranking first page is finding the right keywords. We write the content on your web pages based on a number of keywords. These terms and phrases are the ones which a user is likely to key in whenever looking for products or services offered on your site. We help you to rank highly on competitive keywords and increase targeted traffic to your website. We use these keywords in your content and links to make it possible for search engines to index your web pages.

Quality web design

The other basic on how to rank first page is to have a well designed website. There are certain elements on your website which we have to look at. For instance, we have to check your site’s loading time. We have to make sure web visitors do not move away from your site because of a poor site speed. We also give your site a great layout. We give it a simple and interactive design to ease the user’s experience.  We make sure that the look and feel of your site, keeps web visitors coming back.

Social media advertising

Social media is a great source of organic traffic that can give you a top ranking. We know how to create the right social signals for your business. Soon enough, your website will be regarded as having a high social media following. This will give it a boost in search engine rankings. Elements in social media such as likes, comments and shares generate numerous back links to your site. We start by creating a social media page for your business and dedicate some time every day to engage customers via this channel.

Performance tracking

We understand the importance of tracking the performance of all our client’s web pages.  Evaluating performance on a regular basis helps us to understand what we are doing wrong and how to make the right changes. We use effective tools like Google Analytics to evaluate a site’s performance online. We keep track of your current ranking and work on strategies which will boost your website ranking considerably.

Building a search engine friendly website

Most importantly, SEO Rank Guarantee helps you to come up with a search engine friendly site. It is important to implement the right coding and programming on your website. Any errors in coding can make your web pages infamous among popular search engines and lower your ranking significantly.

What we avoid in a bid to help you rank first page

Duplicated content

SEO Rank Guarantee will eliminate duplicate content on your site. Duplicating content will affect your rankings and credibility. You will end up having a lower ranking and also lose a huge number of web visitors who no longer see your site as informative. By posting original content, your site is recognized as an authority in that industry. This is not only good for your business but also search engine friendly. We use quality blogs, press releases and articles written by experts and not copied from any other online resource.

Low quality links

Low quality links to your site can cause it to be blacklisted by Google. We help you to rank first page by linking to sites which are relevant to your own. Links which comes from sites which are not in any way related are considered low quality by search engines and so we do our best to eliminate them.

Error pages and broken links

Error pages and broken links on your website can affect its ranking. We take our time to go through your links on a regular basis in order to find out which ones are no longer performing. It is displeasing for users to click on a link and be directed to an error page. This web visitor is likely to move on to a site which has something better to offer. In order to avoid this, we ensure that error pages, if any, have a search query box which is directing users to another web page with relevant information. As for broken links, we eliminate them completely because they do not have any value.

The use of social media purely for advertising

Social media should be used by businesses to make social interactions with clients rather than for advertising. Your friends or followers will not relate with you if you are constantly updating promotional posts. We help you to break that ice and create an avenue where people can share their views and opinions regarding your brand.  We make your updates more interactive and create a platform where customers can give feedback.

SEO Rank Guarantee utilizes quality SEO strategies which are customized for your business. Online businesses target different kinds of customers. We use your set goals to devise a plan even before we begin the SEO campaign. We will always research on the competition so that we know what has worked for them. This basically helps us to structure the SEO marketing campaign to be more effective.



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