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100% Manual Submission Guaranteed at SEO Rank Guarantee

At SEO Rank Guarantee, we help you to get good rankings on search engines through manual submissions only. One of the services we offer is the 100% manual submission guaranteed. What this means is, our webmasters will visit every directory one by one and submit your content or website manually until it’s done. When the content or website has been submitted to various directories, the editors of these directories are at liberty to either decline or accept the directory entries. When they accept these entries, you will be having links from popular directories. This will greatly improve traffic to your website or web pages.

On the other hand, automatic submissions are done using computer software. The computer program is designed in such a way that it accepts all these entries at once and then submits them to the various directories. Unlike the manual submissions which are done one by one, automatic submissions are faster because they are done concurrently using the computer software. At SEO Rank Guarantee, we do not focus on automatic submissions.

There are many reasons why we only focus on manual submissions. For a start, when you submit entries manually to different directories, they will have a higher chance of being approved by the editors of these directories and later indexed in order to boost your ranking. It is never easy to have your content posted on popular directories. However, our web masters will do the work manually to make sure that they are accepted by well known directories which will help you in ranking.

Automatic submissions can get your site blacklisted by well known directories like DMOZ. These directories consider submissions which are done by automated computer software as spam. When they blacklist your website, you cannot post your articles on these sites hence you will lose a lot of quality links.

Our webmasters will focus on manual submissions because they are very effective. They help you to achieve quality link building rather than focusing on quantity. Different directories have categories and sub categories. Whenever you are submitting, you have to ensure that you have placed the article on the right group. When using the back door automated submissions, it is not easy to select the appropriate category for each piece of content. This is the reason for 100% manual submission guaranteed at SEO Rank Guarantee. It helps s to confirm that all the articles we have submitted on behalf of our clients are placed in a relevant category.

Additionally, automated submissions are not done properly and hence it may lead to incomplete submission. You may find that some of your articles have not been submitted fully on all the relevant directories. When the editors of these directories note this, they may reject your content and ultimately your site. This is the other reason why we never consider automatic directory submissions when offering SEO services to our clients. We always focus on quality work which has been completely done.

There are also directories which simply do not accept software submissions. This is because you have to register as a member first before making any submissions. Since software cannot be able to do this, you will have to do the submission manually. Additionally, we prefer doing manual submissions because we always receive an email notification to verify that the content has been received. This is not possible with automatic submissions so you are never sure if the articles or entries have been received after submitting them using computer software.

The other reason for 100% manual submission guaranteed at SEO Rank Guarantee is the fact that it is a cost effective submission procedure. We are able to provide quality services to our customers at a reasonable fee. Automatic submission can be very costly in the sense that you have to invest in the computer software that handles the submission as well as the maintenance and upgrading costs. This means that, as a customer, you will spend more on directory submission. You can get value for your money by opting for our manual submissions which are effective and less costly.

Most importantly, manual submissions provide absolute link building. We use the manual submission procedures because it has been proven to be the most effective way of getting one way links for your site. Furthermore, you will be getting quality links from directories which are popular. Since the submissions are perfectly done, there is no chance of your site being blacklisted or submitting broken links. This means that, through manual submissions, we are able to help you rank high by focusing on quality more than quantity.

We prefer manual submission because it is easier for us to target the potential niches of all our clients. Manual submissions give us a lot of control over which directories we use. We will be able to do a thorough job when making manual submissions and tap into your industry well. If you are looking for quality SEO then you would rather go for the 100% manual submission guaranteed.

Most importantly, manual submissions give our clients quality and lasting results. When we perform the submissions manually, we are certain that it has been done right and will not just give you instant exposure for a limited time. The submissions are done by the best in the business so they have a very high chance of succeeding.

We are also able to complete the submissions very fast because we have a team of webmasters ready to work on your project. If you have been shunning away from manual submissions because you think it is time consuming, allow our skilled team of webmasters to help you out. We are able to finish the submissions within a very short time frame to your satisfaction. Fast and effective directory submissions are part of what we guarantee our clients at SEO Rank Guarantee. If you want to find out more about the services we offer, you can contact us. Our customer service team will be ready and happy to help you understand what we do and how we can help you build your brand online.


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