SEO Tools for 2016

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17 September 2016
SEO Tools
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The world of SEO is changing daily. To keep up you must ensure that you have the right tools. In 2016 if you want to compete then, you’ll need to use tools to help you beat your competition. The right SEO tools, allow you to track and measure how your SEO efforts are paying off. In this guide, we will discuss the different tools that are essential for SEO in 2016.


  1. Keyword Tools

Keywords are the heart of SEO. Choose the wrong keywords to build your content around and you’ve already failed before you even begin. Choosing the right keywords is the difference between a site that will perform well in the search engines and one that flops. When trying to find the right keywords for your site there are a few tools that you can use.


Google Adword Keyword Planner

This tool allows you to input your keyword and generate more ideas for keywords that you can use. You can then use more of the keywords from your results to generate more keywords for your site. Now by saying this I doesn’t mean that the tool is useless, it just means that it shouldn’t be your final answer in your quest for finding the right keywords.


When you’re just brainstorming ideas, the Google Adword Keyword Planner is the tool that will help you to get those creative keyword juices flowing. The good part about this tool, is that you’re able to find keywords you may have never thought about.

You may have noticed when you’re typing in google that you get suggestions for keywords that you can search for. This is useful for finding long tail keywords for you can use on your site. There are too good tools that can help you to scrap all autosuggestions.

Ubersuggest is a good tool to help you find all of the auto suggestions on google. Another good tool is This tool scrapes all suggestions from google.

To get your keyword juices flowing answer the public, is another great way help you to find keywords that you may not have ever thought about. The tool helps you to see what types of questions people in your audience might be searching for.



  1. Ranking Tools

Knowing how your site is ranking in the search engines is important. By knowing how you site is ranking, you can then gauge what it working and what isn’t . Ranking tools show you how your site is moving up and down in the search engine results which helps you to strategize your SEO efforts.


Google Search Console

This tool allows you to see the number of pages that you have indexed, whether you have duplicate meta data or if your site has security issues. The depth of information this tool allows you to see is incredible. This tool is created by Google which means that the information that you are getting is accurate.


Official Website: Google Search Console


SEO Monitor

SEO Monitor is another great tool for tracking your SEO performance. This ultimate dashboard, shows you the keywords that are converting well on your site. This information shows you the keywords that you should be focusing your efforts on to continue to increase your sites conversions.


Official Website: SEO Monitor


Authority Labs

Authority Labs is a paid tool with unique ability to track and graph the keywords that make up your site. The tool has the ability to check the keywords that you have highlighted daily and turn all of the information into an easy to read report. The tool is also good if you do local SEO as well.


Official Website: Authority Labs


  1. Link Building Tools

Whatever changes take place in SEO there is one thing that always stays the same and that is link building. Linking building is one of the greatest factors when it comes to ranking your site.


Moz SEO Toolbar

This tool helps you to get a look at the backlinks that are coming to the site that you are on. By using this tool you are allowed to see the different linking metrics of a particular site. Its simple, if you have the tool running on your computer you just visit a site and it gives you information about that site.

Both of these tools can be found by downloading Google Chrome and going to the chrome store and adding them to your browser.


Authority Spy

If you want an easy way to see the biggest influencers in your niche, then this is the tool that you should be using.  By using Twitter, Alltop and Followerwonk, this tool enables you to find the big names in the niche you are building your site in. This shows you potential people that you can contact to build better links to your site.


Official Website: AuthoritySpy



When it comes to outreach management, this tool is capable of helping you. Keeping your outreach efforts organized and streamlined is what this tool will help you with. This tool also helps you to find hidden details to help you to find the information that you need to contact people in your niche.


Official Website:Buzzstream


  1. Content Tools

When it comes to building a site that ranks the more valuable your content is, the better your site will start to rank over time. Without good content, your site will have a hard time moving up the rankings. Good content enhances the visitor’s experience. There are some good tools that you can use to help you enhance the content that you put out on your site.


Buzzsumo is a great tool for finding the type of content that’s working well in your niche. It’s also a great tool for helping your find the people in your niche that are the biggest influencers.


Link: Buzzsumo


Outdated Content Finder


If you are struggling to come up with content for your site then this is a great tool that will help you. This tool allows you to go back in time and see content that may have been posted on the keyword that you are trying to rank for. By doing this you will be able to generate ideas or you can even use an old topic and make it better.


Link: Outdated Content Finder



In Conclusion

As the years go by SEO will continue to evolve, but there will always be the essential things remain the same. In this guide, I’ve shared some tools to take your SEO efforts to the next level.

The tools that I’ve talked about in this post are not the only tools out there. There are many other tools for you to use to help you to get results.

Remember that SEO is not only about the tools you use, but how effectively are you using those tools to make your sites better. If you site is offering value to the people that visit it the search engines will start to notice and give you some nice rankings.






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