The Keys to Succeed in SEO Social Media

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2 July 2013
SEO Social Media
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Social media plays an integral part in website rankings on popular search engines. SEO social media involves optimizing the content on social media pages to appear higher in search rankings. Popular search engines have now turned to social media signals when determining the ranking of sites. As ranking algorithms pay more attention to social media, the best you can do is to hire SEO Rank Guarantee to utilize social media and boost your online visibility. So how does SEO Rank Guarantee use social media to help you rank better?

First and foremost, we register your business in popular social media channels. Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest are some of the popular social channels we can use to improve your rankings on search engines. We understand how each social channel works. For instance, two social channels may have distinct type of visitors. We know how to interact with LinkedIn users as well as Facebook users. We use different approaches to target users on various social channels. We use our experience to implement SEO social media that works with the nature of your business.

Secondly, we give your business page on social media networks the right profile. A properly optimized social media profile is one that describes the business in the best possible way. The information given on the ‘about’ or ‘information’ section is particularly important. We make use of proper keywords and phrases which can be used by someone who is searching for your business. Key details regarding your business are particularly important which is why we have to ensure they are included on the profile page. For instance, on a Facebook page, we have to make sure that the city, province and address of your business are included so that the page is well optimized for local searches.

The next step is to come up with keyword rich content when making updates or posting on various social channels. We help you to come up with updates, pins and tweets which have the relevant search keywords that have been used to optimize your website. In fact, SEO Rank Guarantee shares some of the content you have on your website or blog on social media so that it can attract traffic to your web pages.

The key to succeed in SEO social media is engaging social content. We are able to build quality links to our client’s websites through interesting posts, comments, tweets and updates. SEO Rank Guarantee has lots of experience in creating social content that people want to share. Our aim is to help you get more likes, comments, +1s, repins, and retweets, depending on the social channel you are using.  All tweets or Facebook posts on your business page are engaging and interesting to your friends and followers.

SEO Rank Guarantee also ensures that every page on your website has the necessary social media share buttons. This allows your web visitors to easily access your business page on social media channels. By allowing your website visitors to follow you on social media networks, you get the opportunity to interact with them, even if they did not buy your product when they first visited the site. The social media connect buttons are valued by search engines so once we include them, we assure you of an improved ranking.

We understand the importance of Pinterest as an effective social media platform. This social networking platform can allow you to do so many things which cannot be done in other networks. We make use of the right keywords when creating the title and description on the Pinterest board. Every individual pin is given the right keyword rich description to help in link building efforts. We pin only those images with high resolution. Google really values the quality of images on this social network when indexing pages.

We can also help you to sign up for a Google+ business page if you do not have one. It is important to have a business page. For starters, unlike the normal Google+ page, the business page allows your customers to connect with your business based on its physical location. This is why we emphasize on giving details concerning your business such as your phone number, address, hours of operation and the like. This is what takes our clients’ websites to Google+ local listings in order to increase the chances of ranking higher on SERP. We also add links on your Google+ profile and keep the business page active by sharing interesting and engaging content all the time.

We ensure that all the images you upload on social channels are given the right names. The days of uploading images with file names consisting of numbers and letters with no meaning are long gone. Nowadays, all uploaded images are given meaningful file names with the right keywords to help you rank better on search engines.

By hiring SEO Rank Guarantee, you will also benefit from expert social media marketing services. This is a company that understands how to use different social media channels to help you boost your ranking. We know when it is important to have a profile as opposed to a page. For instance, a Facebook business page will give you so many capabilities to make your business more visible and improve your rankings. However, a Facebook profile will be very limiting for a business.

SEO Rank Guarantee succeeds in SEO social media because we employ white hat techniques. There are certain strategies which can cause more harm than good to your business. You need to know what they are so that you can avoid service providers who use them. For instance, poor link building strategies and duplication of content can cause your site to be blacklisted by popular search engines like Google.

If you decide to invest in SEO social media, there is no better place to outsource these services than SEO Rank Guarantee. We keep your content on social media relevant at all times. We understand the importance of posting social media updates on a regular basis. Our services are high quality and affordable to keep you visible on popular social media channels.



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