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16 June 2013
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A top SEO Company using web marketing is a good partnership. They know the right tools to make content become magic and increase sales in your business.  Web marketing is crucial to being found online.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Anything a person is searching for is a keyword. That is what they are typing in a search box on any search engine. This is what they are typing in a search box on auction sites, article directories, blogs, and everywhere else. They are seeking answers and they want them right now. Web marketing will help find those answers.

A person will respond to an advertisement to receive more information, because a top SEO company used web marketing to their advantage. Those advertisements could be from an article that they read and there was a link to click to receive more information. It could be an ad on Craigs List advertising a new company in town and this is what the person had been seeking.

Using social media as one of the tools for web marketing is crucial for SEO. Instead of traditional ways to advertise, top SEO companies know that if social media is not included, the company is dead in the water. This is the number one way to advertise nontraditionally. That is huge! This is a lot of money that a company can lose if social media is not used.

Using Twitter with a powerful one line advertisement can create buzz. Create a mini how to guide using YouTube videos. Creating a Facebook fan page and gathering likes to build a crucial list. A top SEO company can make an ordinary FB page come alive and create a lot of talk. Everyone will want to share it. Other creative ideas will be used for many more social media sites using web marketing.

A top SEO company will sit down with the home based business, corporation, or a small mom and pop business and see what their needs are. Find out what products and services are being sold. Web marketing will be used to promote their most popular item. If the company was online, another item that is not being found could be promoted to help it gain recognition.

Creating a link wheel using web marketing is what the top SEO company will try to accomplish. Taking the popular item and linking it to another item that needs help. If they complement each other, that also will be an added bonus.

A great example of this using web marketing is making a video showing what the product is, a rake. Then explaining what it does. This is called a purpose or a function. The rake can rake leaves and gravel. How does it solve a problem? The rake helps clean your yard and make it clean once again. It also is not an ordinary rake. It is the first of its kind on the market.

Instead of a blah and boring video, the top SEO company can make the video fun and exciting. The rake can be animated and sing and talk doing the job for you. It is telling you it will make your life easy. It is attention getting. This is where web marketing can be a fun tool to use.

For the link wheel, the same concept can be used by adding other yard tools the business is selling. Using web marketing, the videos will be the same exact concept with the same content but still unique.  Singing and dancing will be part of the attention grabbing fun. But the content will switch out the product name and a few other words to make the content new without duplicating content. A top SEO company knows that videos are just like written content and they have to be search engine friendly and never spam.

Web marketing content for the rake could be: The first rake of its kind. It is uniquely patented with super duper rake technology. At a push of a button the rake comes alive and does the work for you. Top SEO companies love to put in drama and make you think. Then, without the person knowing it, they are taking action. That is pure magic.

The top SEO company now will use web marketing in the video and switch out the content for the shovel.  This is the first shovel of its kind using patented laser technology. See how two sentences are combined into one? But they cannot be exactly word for word. Instead another technology word was used.  Using a button, the shovel will start digging as the laser will zap the dirt. This is brand new unique content.

The keywords for SEO that will be targeted for web marketing using the video will be the name of the tool and the relation to it. With the shovel, it digs dirt.  Shovel and dirt complement each other. Rake and leaves relate to each other. With the shovel, it has laser technology. Add another keyword laser but place it in front of shovel. Laser shovel becomes a mini keyword phrase. Now, you can use shovel and laser shovel both when writing article content and saying the content in a video. This is how top SEO companies will work to be creative when promoting the products or services.

Taking these creative ideas can spin off many more keywords and keyword ideas. They all must be thoroughly searched. If no one is searching for it yet, it is because they have never heard of it. Do you waste money to advertise using web marketing? No you do not.

Instead, use free ways to market this new to the world product. Again, it falls back to social media as it’s free to run your mouth about it. Facebook lets you add video. Make a short one minute video on purpose to catch people’s attention and create talk about it, which becomes a buzz online.

The power of web marketing and using a top SEO company can be very powerful. Because of that power, social media can make your business a household name overnight.



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