Understanding Various Ways of Cost Effective SEO

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22 January 2013
Cost Effective SEO
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The importance of search engine optimization has acquired mammoth proportions in past few years. This development can be partly attributed to stiff competition which is only going to get tougher in the coming time. In the light of ever increasing competition, you need to do everything you can in order to catch attention of your customers. If your pocket does not allow spending hundreds of dollars every month for search engine optimization of your site, cost effective SEO is what you want.

For any given product or service, one would find a number of manufacturers and service providers online. Beating them to reach the top of search engine listings can take a bit of an effort. However, that can be quite expensive as most SEO services providers charge their clients several hundred dollars per month. Cost effective SEO can help you out in case you are not in a position to spend such a tremendous amount.

Different Ways of Cost Effective SEO

Some of the ways in which you can cut down SEO related costs include article writing and submission, web page content optimization, creating a good quality blog and updating it regularly, directory submission and forum commenting. You are going to need a well laid out long term plan for performing search engine optimization of your site. Though the process may take some time, you need to keep on making serious efforts in order to taste success.

Cost Effective SEO – On Page Optimization

On page optimization is immensely necessary if you want search engines to index your site. It refers to optimum usage of keywords in site title, Meta Tags, web page content and anchor text. Keyword density ought to be around two percent of the total word count. Keyword stuffing is disliked by all search engines and sites with a high density of keywords tend to get blacklisted by most of them.

Devote some time in keyword research to decide which keywords will work for your site while which ones would not. Various free as well as paid tools available on the internet can be used for this purpose. Consider including local or global search results depending on the nature and size of your business. Check which keywords are in hot demand in your region of operation and throughout the world. Make it a point to include the most popular keywords in your list.
Use these keywords for writing web page content and inclusion in the website title, Meta tags and anchor text. Most users would enter a keyword phrase instead of a single keyword. Use a mix of keyword phrases for above mentioned purpose. Certain SEO experts are deft in performing keyword research and on-page optimization. Consider using their services for this purpose if you want to achieve best possible results.

Cost Effective SEO – Article Writing and Submission

One of the easiest ways in which you can perform offsite SEO is writing good quality articles and submitting them to article directories. Write such articles which relate to your niche, are interesting to read and have an optimum density of keywords. Each one of your articles will generate a backlink to your website, something which is considered immensely valuable with regards to search engine optimization.

Google ranks backlinks generated from article directories pretty highly. Plenty of such backlinks will make your website a Google favorite and help it in attaining a high ranking in its search engine listings. Besides that, if regular visitors of such directories find your content promising, they would navigate to your site looking for the product or service that you have to offer. Zero in on a couple of such directories and write and submit unique articles to them for achieving this purpose.

Cost Effective SEO – Maintain A Blog

An excellent way of cost effective SEO is the creation of a blog. Use any open source tool to set up a blog of your own and start adding content to it. Create short but highly effective blog posts that draw users and search engines alike. Let your friends know about it and encourage them to read it and leave their comments. Engage your readers with meaningful conversations to motivate them to visit your blog again and again.
Consider offering site visitors free material, insight and such news that they can make use of. They would definitely visit your site looking for more useful material. In this way, a well written blog can be pretty effective in generating a steady stream of visitors for your site. A blog is considered to be a cost effective SEO method. If you cannot afford to divert your attention from your core business operations, simply hire an expert for this purpose.

Cost Effective SEO – Forum Commenting

Public forums and popular blogs can generate quite a number of backlinks for your site. Identify few such forums which are relevant to your niche. Then start providing your comments on posts by other users. You may even get registered for posting valuable content on these forums, something which is useful for their regular readers. People who get interested in your posts would like to know more about you and navigate to your site.

It is likely that you may not be able to identify which forums relate with your niche and which ones do not. In addition, some of the highly valuable forums might require you to pay a certain fee which you cannot afford. An SEO expert offering cost effective SEO services would have access to multiple such forums and would have no qualms in getting registered with paid ones as well. You get all sorts of benefits if you avail such services; but it can be a tough uphill ride if you do not.

Business owners, web based or otherwise, have several problems to tackle on any given day. Most of them would find devoting time and effort for search engine optimization to be bit difficult. If you are hard pressed for time while taking care of your business, consider hiring cost effective SEO services provider for this purpose. A provider would handle all SEO related tasks while charging you pennies and is quite an affordable investment.

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