What Matters in Local Business SEO?

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30 June 2013
Local Business SEO
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A local business can serve a specific city, town or country. If yours is a local business, it is important to optimize your site to attract only target customers in your area. This is what is referred to as local business SEO. This is a service that our experts at SEO Rank Guarantee can offer.

For a start, you need to understand that websites of local businesses do not need to be optimized for the very competitive keywords. Doing this will only drain their advertising budget without giving any value. For instance, it can be difficult for a site to rank high on a key phrase like ‘dentist’ compared to another that includes the location like ‘dentist New York’. However, it is important for a local business to rank high on searches which include the location of the business. These searches will earn more value to the business.

So what is the value of local SEO? There are many reasons why you need to hire SEO Rank Guarantee to provide local search engine optimization services for your website. For a start, it is important to note that the number of local online searches has increased significantly over the years. By hiring us to work on your local business SEO, you are able to get a high volume of targeted clients. We will optimize your site for local keywords and you will get great business by targeting the right customers.

On top of that, local business SEO is a targeted form of advertising. This means that, we will help you to boost your conversion rates and increase the number of leads. Broad, un-localized searches can have low conversion rates because they attract all kinds of people. We will help you to narrow down to your target group. It is not easy to specifically target the ones who are interested in your service. Furthermore, if you have a local business, you might be unable to meet the needs of all the web visitors who are using broad key phrases to find your business.

There are many techniques we use to ensure local business SEO works for you. For a start, we do a comprehensive keyword research and analysis. We take our time to find out the kind of keywords you will need to use to make your website fully optimized for local searches. In most cases, we will use long tail keywords. Long tail keywords usually have low competition but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done to achieve a top ranking.

We always ensure that the keywords we include on your site have your location. We can place the location before or after the keyword so long as it does not sound generic. We include these local keywords and phrases in your content. The information we write on your blog targets specifically your local customers. We also make use of the keywords which have your location on all the content which is published on your site and links to your website.

We will also gather links from other authority websites within your area. You must have a few companies in your locality whose website has a strong online presence. We will create back links to this website as this will affect your ranking. We ensure that you and the company in question offer similar products and services. This is because search engines are also looking for quality back links from sites which are related in one way or another.

We also take time to ensure our clients web pages are listed on Google’s local business listings. The listings usually appear above the standard search results. This means that they are likely to capture the searcher’s attention compared to what’s below. The local business listings also contain valuable information which a customer may need straight up. We will include your business name, address and phone number on the listing. Local listings will also have links to your business location.

We take our time to come up with great content that is interesting and relevant to your local audience. There are certain events or topics that are familiar within your locality. SEO Rank Guarantee has experts who will research on these topics and write stories which will attract lots of attention. It is highly likely that the people who are going to be interested are your targeted customers. We will make sure that this content is published in different blogs and directories online. This will give you high quality back links which will boost your page ranking. With great content, you will easy capture the attention of the people in your local area.

Customer reviews are also very important in local business SEO. SEO Rank Guarantee will ensure that you get a number of reviews on your website, preferably ten to twenty. We will help you acquire reviews which have a high rating. We can also get rid of generic reviews cluttered on your website because they might make customers to lose confidence in your brand. We insist on the right keyword usage even on the reviews.

Your business needs to be well optimized for local searches. This will give you a better edge compared to other businesses in your area.  By making your site visible online, you will be able to attract a larger audience within a shorter time frame. At SEO Rank Guarantee, we can help you save time and resources by giving you services that will guarantee you an increase in conversion rates. Contact SEO Rank Guarantee directly and find out how to get started.

In conclusion, local SEO should be considered part and parcel of your local business. You can hire SEO Rank Guarantee if you are looking for the best SEO services in Florida. We have worked for so many online businesses in Florida. We have the experts to handle different aspects of local SEO. Our team of qualified SEO web designers, SEO analysts and copywriters are fully dedicated to give you excellent customer service. We engage our clients in consultations to ensure we understand their needs and demands.



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