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30 June 2013


Your journey to appear on the first page of Google search results starts with a single step. The first step is to create a perfectly functional and usable website for your business. As soon as you have one, you need it to be optimized for the right keywords. These are the main services offered by SEO Rank Guarantee. We are an SEO service provider with the ability to make your site appear on Google’s first search results pages. We understand the ins and outs of business SEO and no competition can prevent us from making our clients reach and remain on top on the web.

Our success in business SEO begins with quality back linking. Back links are simply links which are present in other websites but they are pointing to your web pages. Search engines really value back links and they consider them when ranking web pages. By creating a number of back links from sites which are trusted and authoritative, we are able to enhance your page ranking.

We also value quality as opposed to quantity when it comes to business SEO. SEO Rank Guarantee will take time to concentrate on the quality of back links you have rather than the number of these back links. We understand the importance of linking our client’s web pages to sites which are authoritative or trustworthy. Additionally, we always make sure that the links are relevant and both sites have related information. These are the only links which can affect your search engine results position in a positive way.

In business, you have to create relationships with other businesses which are in legal existence. The same thing applies online. We will only link your sites to legitimate, non-spam sites. So many web owners have seen a tremendous decline in their ranking and this can be attributed to obtaining links from sites which have poor SEO practices like spamming and duplication of content. This is why it is important for us to evaluate your links on a regular basis. We must ensure that the people we are linking to have a good command online.

It is easy for us to get quality links because we have experts who know how to come up with quality content. We can write information on controversial topics which are funny, interesting or simply catchy. People will be attracted to this kind of content and link or share the information on their blogs and social channels. Since search engines are now using data from social channels like Twitter and Facebook, it is easier to create social signals which will boost your search result positions.

SEO Rank Guarantee also considers guest blogging as an effective way to build quality back links. We start by identifying some of the prominent blogs in your industry. We take our time to research on the blog’s target audience. We normally focus on those topics which are likely to create a buzz online. We even go ahead to research on the search volume of certain keywords and phrases to know exactly what people are looking for on the web. The guest blog posts are then carefully written by our experts using these keywords and published on authoritative blogs. We always add a back link to your site in the blog post for more traffic.

At SEO Rank Guarantee, we never try to manipulate the search engine. We utilize SEO techniques which are effective and safe.  If search engines feel like your site is manipulating the system, you will be blacklisted. The site will be eliminated completely from all search results and this can be the downfall of your business online. Certain strategies like link exchanges can lead to such consequences. The search engine might not recognize links you exchanged with another site on the web as quality links. This is why we do not employ such techniques in our link building campaign.

We perform quality directory submissions to suit our clients’ demands. There are countless web directories and not all of them are for your business. We start by identifying a web directory that has multiple categories and one which will personally edit your content before posting it. The directories which allow you to add listings automatically may not give you the kind of quality back links which are required. Additionally, the most valuable back links come from web directories which are particular to your industry. There are those which are free whereas others require you to pay a fee. We have to ensure that all our articles or listings are in directories where our clients target audience target audience can see.

We implement onsite SEO because we understand how important it is for your business. For instance, a good website will have a quick load speed and personalized URL. This will give web visitors a great experience and also boost your chances of obtaining a higher ranking on Google. The algorithms used by search engines to map sites will take into consideration the site load speed. A faster loading website is likely to rank better than a slower one even if the latter has better quality content.

There are practices which are simply unacceptable in business SEO. For instance, the use of web bugs in order to get massive mailing lists is wrong. This can ruin your business because sending emails to your previous customers without their consent is not going to have any value. At SEO Rank Guarantee, we stay away from such automated techniques to obtain a high ranking. These are considered short cuts and manipulative by search engines. This is because they end up invading the privacy of web users and giving them irrelevant information.

In conclusion, business SEO is going to work well if you have the right information and make use of it. Search engine algorithms will keep on changing in a bid to get the best method of enhancing users’ experience. This is why the techniques we use to boost website ranking on search engines always have your customers in mind.

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